Interview with Massad

First of all, can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your musical journey so far?

I'm Massad, a singer/songwriter from New Zealand. I grew up surrounded by music and fell in love with songwriting at a young age. I was very lucky to get thrown into the music scene back home at 16 and had my first top 20 called ”Tear My Heart Out” which sort of changed my life. I released a bunch of other tunes, toured the country for years and got myself into TV. At 21 I decided I needed a break from it all and hit the pause button so I could live life, experience love, grow friendships and discover who I was. 

The past few years I have really done so. 

I guess you could say music is the love of my life.

I fell in love with it,

We broke up.

Now we’re back together.

And this time its for keeps.

What would you say inspires you most when writing new songs?

Real life. 

For the past month I've been locked away in a beautiful beach side paradise on the southern coast of Italy writing and writing. The past few years of my life have been filled with Love, heart ache, ups and downs. So I've been inspired by my own story recently, which is new for me.


Where would you like to see your music career go in the next five years? 

There's a lot planned for the next year, which will lay down the roots of my ext half decade I guess. My album recording is happening in Feb, new music next year, lots of shows and showcases here in the UK & US. So I'm not too sure what will happen, but if just love to connect with more and more people. The thing I loved most last time was when people would tell me their stories about my music and how it had an impact on an aspect of their life. That's the most powerful thing about music and as a songwriter the most satisfying outcome.

If you could invite 3 of your biggest musical inspirations for cocktails, who would they be and why?

Elvis, Kate Miller-Heidke & Jade Bird 3 total powerhouses and at this moment I'm totally influenced by them all. Elvis, just cause. KMH as she was the reason I started songwriting when I was a kiddo. Jade Bird is just so epic, I totally dig everything she's doing right now. 

If your sound was a flavour what would that be?

Vanilla whiskey