Interview with Jimmy Harvey

Sessions 58 presents folk-pop artist Jimmy Harvey.

Jimmy, is a folk-pop artist based in London, recording one song at a time in preparation for the release of his first EP. His main influences include - Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, and Leonard Cohen.


We caught up for a chat and got to know him a little bit more.

LookingGlass: Hi Jimmy, thank you for catching up with us. Can you introduce yourself and your music journey?

Jimmy Harvey: My name's Jimmy Harvey. I'm 22 and from a desolate little town called Lincoln, technically the Midlands, none the less I like to consider myself a northerner (anything north of London is northern right?) 

I moved to London in November 2016, after studying a drama degree. For the first few months whilst finding my feet, I did a lot of writing. Sessions 58 was actually the second open mic I ever performed at in London (The first so tragic that I can't even speak of it) Sessions 58 is where I started to gain confidence in performing my original songs live. So now I'm slowly building my portfolio of songs, trying to get them recorded one by one collaborating with as many artists as possible, whether that be producers, musicians or writers. 

LG: What defines great music nowadays?

JH: I think it's simply down to a cracking melody, relatability and individuality. 

LG: In the process of writing a new song, does it come easier to you to find the melody or the lyrics?

JH: It differs from time to time, I tend to write more so when I'm annoyed or upset etc. I struggle to force myself to sit down and write a song if it's not a situation I am physically going through. Generally, I start with chords on my guitar and improvise until something sticks and then I'll take the melody or lyric and work around that. A lot of the time I begin with the chorus and then write the verses and bridge separately, probably a strange way to do it but alas! I often drunkenly decide I'm a musical genius and record voice notes of little ideas and melodies when I'm out and about....... which prove to be quite hilarious and not so genius the next day. 

LG: If you could choose a different time to live in, that inspires you musically, what would that be and why?

JH: Without a doubt, the late 60's and 70's, The majority of my music heroes are from this era. Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen. I creatively try to filter these influences into my music. The music back then, slow rock, pop and folk was full of soul, lyrics seemed more personal and intense. A huge generalisation of course; but popular music now (the charts especially) seems to be simplified, and for me lacks the depth and layers that these artists created with their music.

LG: Pick a colour, an animal and an object that reflects your music

JH: This question I have tried to answer for bloody ages, eventually I put one of my songs on, closed my eyes and I could see green/turquoise... I couldn't tell you why! 

I'd say for an animal it would be deer - because they're timid, delicate and have very pensive eyes.

An object reflective of my music would be a cup of tea because I'd like to think some of my music is relaxing/peaceful/comforting... and there's nothing more comforting than a cuppa tea and a biscuit. 

LG: If your sound was a flavour, what would that be?

JH: My music is sometimes a little sweet with a bitter aftertaste, so I'm gonna go with passion fruit!