Sessions58 Edition: Interview with Cali Rivlin

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Cali's music is crafted piano composition alongside soulful vocals. She describes it as: "If Alanis, Tori Amos & Florence had a baby that made a soundtrack".

Classically trained opera singer & self taught pianist, she's been making music her entire life, touring in the US/UK/Europe, and now settled in the London music scene.

Her debut album Flying Through Water is out now and can be streamed/purchased on Bandcamp/SoundCloud.

Hi Cali, thank you for joining us at Looking Glass on Monday!

LG: . How did you start making music? 

CR: I’ve been singing since I was 8 and my piano came to me by total coincidence - my friend moved to my block & their piano didn’t fit the frame so she asked if I wanted to buy it for real cheap. Its a stunning Steinberg so I jumped on the chance and started banging on it every day!

LG: What would you say is special about your sound and musical expression? 

CR: Its like a soundtrack, very story driven. It’s not trying to be modernly commercial or aimed at a particular thing. It’s other-worldly with a strong spiritual message. 

LG: What's your guilty-pleasure song?

CR: I Think We’re Alone Now got stuck in my head from the Umbrella Academy series  :) 

LG: If your sound was a flavour, what would it be?

CR: Good question! Maybe banana & cinnamon bread..? Hmmm