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Chess Galea, the star of the Sessions58 show on 13th May has gathered a strong army of fans of her sound, and after throwing a great show, we have had a chance to ask her a few questions.

Chess was originally exposed to classical music, as the piano was constantly being played at her childhood home, where she also began to learn to play the piano.

A young Chess then looked through her mother's CD collection, to find a 'Queen' album, which sparked her true ambition - singing and performing.

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She developed her sound by mimicking Freddie Mercury and Christina Aguilera for hours on end, making up dance routines and writing songs in her fluffy diary.

Dancing since she was 2, Chess really knows how to own a stage and her live performances are not to be missed. She has performed at Silvana New York, The Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, and The Roundhouse London, to name a few.

LG: How did you start making music? 
CG: I started playing the piano and writing lyrics at a very young age. It’s not till I was 15 that I joined a girl group and recorded our first single though! 

LG: What would you say is special about your sound and musical expression? 
I like to speak from the heart, so that the mind is in peace to reason. I think I do this, combined with using organic sounds, to keep it grounded and timeless. 

LG: What's your guilty-pleasure song?
CG: Hit me baby one more time!

LG: If your sound was a flavour, what would it be? 
CG: Salted caramel. But vegan, so that everyone can have it!

Listen to Chess below, and join us for great upcoming Sessions58 shows!