Interview with Lebeaux

Lebeaux, Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Lebeaux, Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Lebeaux headlined an amazing show at Looking Glass on 4th February, Sessions58.

Hosted by Nate James & Ilana Lorraine, Sessions58 have been running their intimate acoustic live music sessions at Looking Glass for 4 years now, showcasing the best of London’s upcoming music talent.

We are rounding it up with a great interview, read below.

1. What does it mean to be vulnerable for you in today's world? 

The world is focused on mental health at the moment, so I feel that being vulnerable is about being honest with your state of mind. People can be amazing at hiding their feelings in an attempt to be strong and invulnerable. But, in my experience, the more you cling on to that strong narrative, the closer you are to harming yourself, in whatever way. Accepting and communicating what’s going on within and being open to assistance - that’s vulnerability in my eyes.

2. How do you feel about mental health issues, much talked about subject in the creative world at the moment? 

I feel like mental health issues in the creative world will always be a thing because creativity comes from an emotive place. When you reveal your creative talents to the public and it’s either rejected or misunderstood; your self worth is at a risk of being compromised - especially in the industry. Creative arts and business are like oil and water in my eyes: you need a really strong self-loving container to keep the two together. 

3. How did you develop your sound, is it a thought as well as emotion-led process and how do you express your emotions in your music? 

There are songs where I think about the vibe And then make the rest accordingly. There are also songs that I just let happen naturally- letting my emotions guide the narrative. It depends.

My sound is still developing, to be honest. My initial thought a few years ago was to fuse funk and r&b together but that’s much easier to do live - I can do it well. When it comes to studio recordings, however, my material hasn’t quite turned out how envision it yet. I’m on an eye out for my Quincy Jones. 

4. What's your guilty-pleasure song? 

I wouldn’t say it’s a guilty pleasure anymore but I used to be ashamed to like Linkin Park. By Myself was my favourite tune but the friends I associated with, at the time, weren’t into rock, metal or anything like that. I love it. Apart from that, I don’t have one. I just like what I like.

5. If your sound was a flavour, what would it be? 

Oh, my sound has got to be chocolate. It’s all shades of brown, it can be bitter or sweet, it can be solid or liquid and it’s desired/unwanted by many.