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Color Me Badd Dates – Anti Valentine’s Day

This is not a singles event! It’s open to everybody!

Valentine’s Day sucks arse. The whole buying into hearts, flowers, chocolates, set-menus, cards, cheesy romance and other stuff we’re being forced to swallow does not wash with us! No way.

Every year we do a quirky anti-Valentine’s Day event open to all and this year is no exception!

Behold “Color Me Badd Dates”! The event where we hold an open mic night embracing the TERRIBLE, cringe-worthy dating fails that we’ve all experienced whilst navigating through world of singledom.

It is absolutely hilarious, so come and bring your best dating war stories (or just be there for the support and the laughs!) There’ll be drinks specials, cool giveaways and just general unpredictable hilarity!

Tickets are just £5 and incredibly limited so they sell out! (We’re actually serious….. They will). Grab yours now here.

We look forward to seeing you there!