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Funzing Talks| Between Science, Tech & Spirituality

Funzing Talks is a new concept which aims to re-invent your after work drinks. They've pulled together an impressive array of leading entrepreneurs, intellectuals, bright thinkers and incredible individuals to inspire your evenings. Held in a hand picked range of bars across Manchester, and now London, a Funzing Talks event makes the perfect after work activity.

Funzing has always encouraged you to do something different with your free time, so we say do just that - you never know where it may lead you!

**This talk includes a small wine, beer or soft drink

*Tickets for this talk include 1 x Small Beer or House Wine!

In the current ‘god debate’, science and spirituality are often seen as two largely incompatible and even mutually exclusive domains. However, in this presentation, Wai H. Tsang will show that this is not the case at all. It can be demonstrated that the origins of modern science, mathematics, philosophy and even technology essentially have their roots in religion. But it is an aspect of religion that is mostly misunderstood, and it has largely been ignored both historically and in contemporary discussion.

This is the esoteric or hidden religion, which is the Kabbalah of Judaism, the Sufism and certain strands of Shiism in Islam, the Gnosticism and Mysteries of early Christianity; all of which are reflected in the beliefs of Vajrayana Buddhism, Taoism, Tantras and Advaita Vedanta Hinduism of Eastern Religion. It is also paralleled by the so-called Perennial Wisdom and the Prisca Theologia of the European Renaissance period. Though unknown to most people, this hidden religion has been communicated over the centuries through the use of symbolism and mythic archetypes. As a result, many modern people will have encountered some of its recurring beliefs in the form of modern myths such as Star Wars, Dune, Lord of the Rings and the Matrix, also the work of Joseph Campbell.

Wai will discuss the compelling similarities that currently exist between, on the one hand, some of the most cutting-edge scientific, technological and mathematical ideas of today, and on the other hand, key tenets of the hidden or esoteric religion. He will present the provocative idea that the natural progression of science and technology towards a unified theory of brain, mind, evolution and cosmology along with the creation of true artificial intelligence; will lead inevitably and inexorably to the return of this Perennial Wisdom and the full uncovering of the Hidden Religion. So that science, far from being the antithesis of spirituality, will rather be the means by which the original source of religion becomes widely known in the future.

Furthermore, he will show that what some consider to be one of the hardest scientific puzzles of them all, that is the mystery of consciousness, is one and the same as the mystery of God. Towards the end of the talk, Wai will discuss the relevance of these ideas in relation to the problems in the Middle East, and the reconciling of the great schisms of religion, including that between Shia and Sunni Islam, and Islam w.r.t. Christianity and Judaism.

Wai H. Tsang is best known for his Fractal Brain Theory and presentations relating to the interface between science and religion.

After studying computer science and artificial intelligence at London’s Imperial College, he was able to gain a comprehensive view of the landscape of modern spirituality by being for 10 years a member of the full-time staff at St James Church Piccadilly. Which is a world-renowned centre for new age, interfaith and progressive spirituality. Previous to that, an involvement in London’s psychedelic party scene, along with a period touring playing electric guitar with PsyTrance act Cosmosis, allowed Wai to gain key insights into shamanistic or psychedelic spirituality.

An international speaker, his engaging and stimulating talks have also been featured on UK satellite television. He has published two books, ‘The Fractal Brain Theory’ and ‘Quest’, both of which are available on Amazon, Barnes Noble or Ingram. Apart from writing and public speaking, he is currently involved with his artificial intelligence start-up and the creation of a potentially revolutionary kind of AI derived from his Fractal Brain Theory.

Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm

Tickets are available here

Earlier Event: March 26