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Absinthe Masterclass


Absinthe Workshop: Evening Workshop with Ted A. Breaux

Sip your way through an in-depth and intimate masterclass with research scientist, Absinthe Historian & Distiller, Ted Breaux.

Receiving international recognition for being at the forefront of the recent absinthe renaissance,  It was through his and a colleague's efforts that the Absinthe Ban in the USA was lifted after 95 years in 2007. He will guide us through the complexities and misunderstandings of this much maligned spirit.

About Ted
T. A. Breaux is a native New Orleanian and research scientist who has dedicated over 20 years of research toward resolving the mysteries and myths associated with absinthe. His mission to painstakingly reconstruct historically accurate examples of the controversial spirit gave rise to Jade Liqueurs ( Breaux codirected the effort to lift the USA’s 95-year ban on absinthe, which came to fruition on March 5th, 2007 with the launch of Lucid Absinthe Supérieure. The following year, Breaux was similarly engaged in reversing the last vestiges of the original French ban, which allowed absinthe to be formally recognized in that country. His work has been lauded throughout the press and media in the USA, Europe, and Australia since 2000, including numerous national television appearances (The History Channel, Discovery Channel, CBS, MSNBC, Travel Channel, PBS, etc.). Breaux has co-authored published scientific studies on vintage absinthe in peer-reviewed journals (Journal of Agricultural and Food Science), and coauthored the book, "Absinthe: The Exquisite Elixir" (Fulcrum Publishing - ISBN: 1682750019). Breaux's reputation for being a staunch promoter of truth and accuracy of information and education in all matters absinthe is surpassed only by his limitless passion for recreating history through the fine art of absinthe crafting.

The Details
Wednesday 2nd October
Doors 7.00pm
Looking Glass Cocktail Club, 49 Hackney Road, Shoreditch, E2 7NX

This is a free event.

Earlier Event: September 30
Later Event: October 7