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"Since its opening in 2013, Shoreditch's Looking Glass Cocktail Club has gone from strength to strength thanks to its innovative cocktails and impeccable customer service" - BoutiqueBarShow

"To celebrate Alice's 150th birthday, LGCC has pulled together a special menu rewriting some of Carroll's most famous words and interweaving them into a drinks list of breathtaking complexity" - CuriousLondon

"A cocktail parlour with impeccable service and incredible skills and imagination, the Looking Glass Cocktail Club is a real beacon in London's cocktail-making tradition" - CouchsurferReviews

"In the depths of East London, there is a an eccentric joint that is hipster without trying too hard" - TheCultureTrip

"They spank you on the way in. Quite literally" - HireSpace

"Step into a wonderful world of childlike make-believe and fantasy - the Looking Glass will  add whimsy and joy to your night" - MoveBubble

"There’s another world hidden along Hackney Road in the heart of Shoreditch; one sure to turn your cocktail expectations on its head" -

"Finally, a cocktail bar that gets everything just right" - Triptease 

"Unique, mesmerising cocktails and eccentric entertainment" - 

"With a lingering a aroma of buttery popcorn and a menu that says 'drink me', it's a cocktail experience like no other" - 

"While the Alice in Wonderland theme has been done before out East, Looking Glass has more than mere gimmicky on it's side: the bar serves some of the most interesting (and affordable) cocktails in London" - 

"A welcomed oasis on desert-like Hackney road... If you like experimenting and pudding-esque drinks it might be your bag"  -   

"This new kid on the block just become the next 'IT' bar" -

".. just as Alice accidentally discovered a whole secret world behind a mirror in Through the Looking-Glass, this cocktail bar has its own hidden surprise." - Twenty Something London

"Anything is possible in Wonderland but if you are looking for a fantastic night with drinks and dancing to get you warmed up, then The Looking Glass Cocktail Club is the perfect night for you." - 1883 Magazine

London Bar Guide 2015 - World's Best Bars

"Without giving it all away we’ll say that any Alice In Wonderland fan should apply, as well as those who avidly seek intelligently crafted prohibition cocktails, served pretty damn neat." - Under the Raidar

"The new offering is set to quietly steal the show and inject some much needed kudos back into Shoreditch's cocktail scene. This is one cocktail menu that screams Drink Me" - JustOpenedLondon

"It's a place for those who want to indulge their taste buds" - GreatLittlePlace

"The drinks are boozy but beautifully balanced and crafted with a fine touch from delivery through to decoration." - We Are The Food Snobs


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