Increments + Looking Glass = Vitamins 

One of our proudest partnerships is that of pioneer of looking glass cocktail club William Knowles-Mofford and the creators of Increments Music Ross and Evan Leilliot.

Increments (Live)

From a young age brothers Ross and Evan Lelliott began their music journey regional Trinidadian carnivals. After respective careers in visual arts, their new output mixes their kaleidoscopic early influences with dark, cinematic techno. With each performance tailored and dependent on the location, the duo always deliver emotive experiences beyond sound. 


With a fresh approach to contemporary nightlife culture, Vitamins is a concept clubnight from DJ/Producer duo, Increments and the Looking Glass Cocktail Club. Notoriously held in unusual spaces, from the London Design Festival to WWII air raid shelters, it targets your senses through dark, hypnotic house and techno, live art installations and medicinal cocktails.