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Funzing Talks - Becoming Vegan

Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

Part of Funzing's Veganuary Talks series. Check out some of the other Veganuary talks here -

In this talk, Heena Modi will be sharing her journey from vegetarianism to veganism. She will share the common challenges she faced, connected to social life, family, relationships, dietary choices, travel and other lifestyle choices. She will also talk about how she embarked on a journey to share her love of veganism, through her website, recipe book and one-on-one coaching services, all of which have helped her connect with thousands of aspiring and established vegans.

As an ambassador of veganism, Heena Modi helps people facilitate the shift to a plant-based diet, lifestyle or both. Having been a vegan for almost 10 years and a vegetarian for decades before that, Heena has lived the experiences and messages that she shares.

Heena will bring compassion and practical insight to the topic of going vegan and staying vegan in terms of diet, as well as, taking you beyond food, into a vegan lifestyle overall.

A qualified school teacher, and Nutrition Practitioner, Heena will help you bust myths, address common obstacles and find a meaningful, simple and personalised approach that works for you.

Heena's website,, covers vegan options everywhere, nutritional well-being, recipes, tips, holiday experiences as a vegan, and interviews with exciting new vegan businesses.

*The talk may be filmed for promotional purposes.

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